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Old 06-06-2008, 12:46 PM
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Petersen-Keesecker June 2008 letter to Residential

Dear Editor,

I look forward to your publication. Thank you for lifting the community of Edgewater to the eyes of the inhabitants. Yes, the invitation to be working on building community is exciting and one meets interesting people. I enjoy listening to people telling me their stories of either being raised here or stories of how they chose to live here. One "keenager" I met told me she had lived here since she was two years old and in fact is living in the very same home. Others share how the community has changed and
how this change has affected their lives. Others are excited to have a home near …and they explain.

My husband, Joseph, and I enjoyed working with the DPW, May 10th, in the annual cemetery cleaning day. The workers were thoughtful and considerate of the history of the grounds sharing notes on names found.

I want to invite the readers to share a 'project' of mine. I walk the streets with my needle nose pliers and a screwdriver or small hand plant trimmer. As I come to poles which have numerous staples on them I remove the staples. Why? Workmen who climb the poles can get their legs injured. You are right, there are many poles in the borough!!! This is a small act, yet I invite others to be involved. This has been a wonderful way to meet folk and to have them join me--even if for a few removals. Again, you may ask why? There are many reasons and I guess asking the "Why?" question will elicit conversation.

And yes, many of these signs have been political signs. Others have been posted because a pet has strayed, a garage sale is being held, directions are displayed for a festival. Not to worry! With container in hand to catch the staples, a few tools to use, an interest in the safety of others---at least as far as one can reach---there will be people to greet, and perhaps a pole climber will smile.


Selena Petersen-Keesecker
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Old 06-06-2008, 04:51 PM
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Re: Petersen-Keesecker June 2008 letter to Residential

Oh no said the parrot, they're on to our plot now.
Hypocrisy can afford to be magnificent in its promises; for never intending to go beyond promises, it costs nothing - Edmund Burke
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telephone pole

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