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Welcome: Site Rules and Info Please read.

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Old 10-24-2004, 11:42 PM
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Welcome to 07020.com, the place to discuss Edgewater, NJ, surrounding communities, and whatever else is on your mind. This system is a nascent "work in progress" and will change daily, if not hourly, until I get it where I want it. Be patient. Please carefully note the following:
  1. While I will try to preserve your privacy, like everything else on the Internet, nothing you do here is truly private. I disclaim responsibility for unintentional disclosure of any information you provide. This includes errors on the administrators' and moderators' part, software bugs, successful hacking attempts, etc.
  2. You must be registered to post and access certain BBS areas and features. This requires providing a unique, valid e-mail address that the system will then send additional instructions to. Though a minor, one-time inconvenience, the registration process helps keep the board orderly. If you don't want to register but have something you need posted, please forward it to webmaster@07020.com and I will post it at my discretion. Note that there is at least one local BBS that allows posting without registration.
  3. You must be at least 13 to register.
  4. Please do not register multiple accounts.
  5. Commercial and business-related posts are permitted if they are not annoying and repetitive, and are suitable for a community BBS; however, I request you disclose any financial ties to the business, however small, if they are not readily apparent to the other users. Please consider creating a custom avatar or using a sig. Do not use private messages to spam other users.
  6. The board is intended for civil, if energetic discussion. The following will get you either moderated, banned, reported to your ISP, reported to the police, or a combination: pornography; profanity; trolling; defamatory or incendiary remarks (flaming); abusiveness, especially towards the moderators and administrators; inappropriate comments regarding anyone's race, religion, ethnicity, appearance, gender, orientation, background, occupation, financial status, etc. (if you can't say something nice, don't say anything);statements a reasonable person would perceive as threats against anyone or anything; posts encouraging or indicating an intent to commit illegal or immoral acts; requests, however innocuous, for an individual's physical or e-mail address, phone number, etc.; phishing; and any act intended to disrupt this site, such as hacking, DOS attacks, etc. This list is not exclusive. Basically, play nice.
  7. Please post in the appropriate forum, though hopefully no one will jump on you if you don't. If you're unsure, use the general forum.
  8. Please do not make identical posts in different forums (cross-posting), though I won't vigorously enforce this if it's not annoying.
  9. Please limit quoting; especially do not quote the entire message and add a one-line comment. Extensive quoting is unnecessary because the entire thread is visible. Quote the specific text you're replying to, but no more.
  10. PLEASE TURN YOUR CAPS LOCK KEY OFF if you're not trying to make a point.
  11. Important: You have five (5) minutes to re-edit any post you make after it's initially posted. Basically, if you've ever regretted pushing the post button, you get a second chance to correct spelling and intemperate language. After that, you'll have to request an administrator or moderator to assist you.
  12. Users may upload suitable attachments. Please see the FAQs concerning size and availability to other users.
  13. Do not post inappropriate images inline ([IMG]). Instead, provide the URL and warn about the content. Please use judgment about what other people will find inappropriate.
  14. You are allowed to use avatars if they are not either annoying (generally, overly energetic animated gifs) or offensive or both. If you have to ask, you probably shouldn't use it.
  15. Keep sigs short and sweet. All BBS rules also apply to sigs.
  16. The board's administrators and moderators have ultimate say in what is appropriate. They may also take action against activities that aren't covered by existing rules but are disruptive.
  17. It is not feasible to monitor the system 24 hours a day. Some "problems" may not be immediately addressed.
  18. These rules will change from time to time.

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