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Ft. Lee ent5rapment

I also was entrapped. The car in front of me went thru the blinking yellow light as the pedestrian (decoy police officer) steeped off the curb. I slowed down, he stopped and seem to indicate for me to go on, whichj I did. Of course I got pulled over.

After waiting about 15-20 min, police "Det. M. Miskovsitz" came over and brusquely asked me for driver license, etc., which I handed him. He then asked me if I had any moving violations within the last 5 years, to which I replied no. I asked him what was I stoped for and he replied "failure to yield to pedestrian in crosswalk". He then quickly returned to his vehicle. After handling a few other cars and sitting down writing summons, he returned to me . I then told him that what they were doing was entrapment and that my high regard and respect for the police was diminished by this incident.

He replied that he was going to give me a warning ticket and returned to his car. He came back with a $230 ticket for the offense and a $54.00 ticket for "improper display/unclear plates". My black on yellow license plates are readily visible and clear, front and back. I took pictures right away of them.

It is disturbing that this officer took offense at my comments and vindictively gave me these tickets. Makes you wonder how he would react in a more difficult crisis situation since, apparently, he gets so easily offended or angry, or both. I also wonder how many warning summons he gave and how many actual finable tickets he gave, and on what does he base his decisions on.
Maybe race, accent (I have one), sex or ones demeanor at being upset at being entrapped. Is this an example of justice being dispensed equally?
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