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Thumbs up Independent Coalition for a Better Edgewater

The Independent Coalition for a Better Edgewater is meeting at the Community Center Wednesday evening, May 20th at 7pm.

We ran candidates in the last election and only lost by 47 votes. The Democrats who won were originally appointed to their positions and then were able to run as incumbents. As a matter of fact every member currently on the Council was originally appointed so the public never had a chance to vet them and we really know nothing about them such as education, work history and previous community involvement.

While running this past election the Democratic candidates made promises to clean the Veteran's Park ball field to the highest standards and they are not keeping those promises. Councilman Vidal said they got the message of the last election where 800 voters DID NOT vote for them, but they were back to business as usual at the very next meeting.

They won't answer questions from the public and when the public speaks they try to shut them down either at meetings or by bullying them on the street. They are making the public pay for any information they ask for, literally and figuratively.

Thank you to everyone who supported the Independent candidates last November. The battle is over, but the war goes on.

In this case the war is against the public at large. The Council has decided it doesn't represent the entire town, only the ones who contribute the most their re-election, to keep the power in place while they continue to rip us off.

They just bonded out for over 19 million dollars to clean up the park. Votee Park in Teaneck had to clean up a similar situation that occurred at the same time toxins were found in Edgewater and they are done, under budget and up and running.

We now are spending more on the clean up and re-clean up of Veteran's Park and have a bigger debt than eight upper Bergen County towns combined.

If you care about the future of our town and you don't want it to turn into Detroit, where we'll have to sell off our assets (like Veteran's Park) to pay off our debts, please join us and support our grassroots organization.

Hope to see you there!

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