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Re: Veterans Field closed-what's up?

Katie, i'm sure you don't remember,
I remember. I can visualize it right now. I wish I knew exactly how toxic it turned out to be.

And this is just okay and legal for no Edgewater officials to announce to the residents what is going on with our town?

Just a few nonspecific sentences on the website with--sorry for the inconvenience folks--and some scribbled signs "park is closed"--that's okay?!

Tomorrow a sign will be posted on the field.

I got a copy of the report regarding the toxins present in the field tonight at the Council Meeting. After reading it more thoroughly at home I realize that Edgewater is practicing disaster capitalism, first the powers that be screw up a situation and then they hand out jobs to their cronies to fix it, because in a disaster you have no other choice, the public will demand an immediate response. Its perfect.
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