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Re: Veterans Field closed-what's up?

It is interesting that no one is stating exactly where the contamination is located and what it is.

It is also very telling that the signs at Veteran's Field say merely that the field is temorarily closed.

Guess we can't use that wonderful new exercise equipment. Did get in the Little League Series and the 911 dedication and we even got the ICBE meeting in before they closed the fields (perhaps they were hoping we might have our meeting outside on the fields )

So where is the contamination? What is it? What is the plan for clean-up and how much? Do we have anything in reserve to to pay for it or will we just bond - again! Maybe that's one reason we raised the bonding cap.

Did see someone jogging on the track behind the orange fencing. I am sure they just thought that the fencing was just for work that was going to be done on the fields since there is no warning on the signs on the fences. We could have sent out a phone message on it to the whole town . . . Nah. That would mean the public would actually be told something. What a crazy idea.

Mary Hogan
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